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  • so, eventful drive home. my dad’s car decided to start smoking when I was waiting at a stop light and so I turned the heat off because I smelled something burning before I saw the smoke. I didn’t have the heat on that high either seeing as I had just started the car maybe 5 minutes before then. But yeah. Didn’t pull that again but still called dad being like “ayo you’re car is being weird” so you’re welcome dad. You’re daughter did a smart thing.

  • I got caught looking around. I wasn’t looking at you, so please don’t think otherwise. I get bored sitting here so of course I’m going to look around.

  • competitive ken ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

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  • wontaek :”>

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  • keo cleaning up after the recording of sukira c:

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  • When a fan requested for Leo to look at the camera for 30 seconds- read: an eternity in leo years

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  • Ken acting tough!

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  • When Kevin said the most shocking concept for him was the black lipstick in Hyde

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  • I am definitely getting a burger and fries for lunch. Too stressful today.

  • When Leo won ASC’s Next Top Model with his Cat pose ㅋㅋㅋ 

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  • tooturnt5sos:

    yes michael, that is exactly why we call you kitten.

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  • Hyuk dancing to Apink’s No No No

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